Toilet Repair

Whether it’s a toilet not flushing properly or a leaking toilet, Edmonton Plumbing promises to provide the most reliable and high-quality services!

Toilet Repair in Edmonton

Most toilet repairs are simple and quick, and oftentimes our plumbers will not need to change any parts. But if the problem lies with the toilet flange then the problem becomes more complex because the flange is the part that connects to the drainpipe and is often irreparable. Usually, if there is a leak at the base of the toilet then there is a problem with the flange. But don’t worry! Our plumbers will repair all brands and models, and our one-year warranties guarantee that the problem will never recur.

We are happy to serve your needs dealing with Toilet Repair Service

If you’re looking for plumbers to help you look for and repair or install a toilet, look no further! Contact Edmonton Plumbing at (780) 652-1727 today.

Need Toilet Repair in Service?

Choosing Edmonton Plumbing means you are choosing the best available craftsmanship available in the area.  We are able to address simple drips as well as the most severe drainage or pipework problems.