Emergency Plumbing

At Edmonton Plumbing we always strive to resolve the problem as quickly as possibly and with as little inconvenience to our customers as possible.

Emergency Plumbing 

Extremely inconveniencing and always happening at the worst possible time, a plumbing problem is the worst problem to have! And it’s always super hard to find a plumber to come right away to fix the problem. But have no fear! Whether it’s a massive clog during the weekend or a pipe burst at midnight, Edmonton Plumbing works around the clock to give you 24/7 emergency services, and our highly trained professionals will rush over to fix your problem as soon as possible to ensure you avoid high bills, damage to your home, and any additional stress!

Emergency Plumbing Services in Edmonton

With Edmonton Plumbing, there’s no need to fret! No matter when a plumbing problem occurs, Edmonton Plumbing has you covered 24/7! Our emergency plumbing technicians are equipped to resolve any of your plumbing problems as quickly as possible! Our technicians work around the clock and even on holidays so that any emergency can be addressed!

Edmonton Plumbing offers the emergency plumbing services for:

  •   Electric water heaters
  •   Faucets
  •   Frozen pipes
  •   Increase in water pressure
  •   Kitchen and bathroom repairs
  •   Pipework installation and repairs
  •   Sump pumps
  •   Toilets
Never fear! Edmonton Plumbing has you covered, no matter the day or hour! Contact us now at (780) 652-1727!

Need Emergency Service?

Choosing Edmonton Plumbing means you are choosing the best available craftsmanship available in the area.  We are able to address simple drips as well as the most severe drainage or pipework problems.