Basement & Foundation Waterproofing Services

Edmonton Plumbing utilizes the most advanced technologies to perform interior and exterior waterproofing.

Basement & Foundation Waterproofing Services in Edmonton

Exterior Waterproofing

If your basement isn’t properly waterproofed, water can seep into the basement, and it will pose a serious problem to your home and your family. These problems include mold and mildew which are dangerous to the health of your family and are very costly to fix!

Properly waterproofing the basement will put an end to any problems associated with water damage and prevent any water damage to the home or foundation. Edmonton Plumbing gives you a free assessment of the foundation to identify any problems that need to be addressed, and if waterproofing is needed then our procedure is simple and ensures the problem will never happen again!

Edmonton Plumbing follows a standard procedure to waterproof the exterior of your basement, using the following steps:

  1. A 2 ft wide trench is excavated around the perimeter of the basement wall to expose the footings.
  2. The exterior walls of the basement are cleaned and then inspected for any holes or cracks.
  3. Any holes and cracks are filled with hydraulic cement. This cement expands to seal the holes and cracks.
  4. Cement parging is applied to the basement wall in order to increase wall strength and to serve as a base for waterproofing layers.
  5. A dimpled waterproof membrane is attached to the basement wall to act as the first line of exterior waterproofing. The dimples are air spaces that aid in draining water to the weeping tiles that will be installed in the next step.
  6. Weeping tiles and filter-cloth are installed next to the footing and are connected to the foundation’s drain system.
  7. The weeping tiles are covered with clean coarse gravel so that drainage can be facilitated.
  8. A water test is performed to confirm that the system is draining well.
  9. The excavated soil is then filled back, and a tamping device is used during the backfilling process to prevent the soil from settling.
  10. Finally, a thorough cleanup of the entire working area is carried out to make sure the property is returned to its original clean state.

Interior Waterproofing

Most plumbers prefer interior waterproofing over exterior waterproofing when there is limited access to the exterior of the basement walls or when there are unfinished interior walls. Interior waterproofing is also more effective when it comes to protecting a home, requires less steps, and can be done quicker because it requires less work and less materials.

For interior waterproofing, a drainage is added to the inside of the home, and this drainage is routed to a discharge point so that the water from under the footings and seepage through the walls is intercepted. When the drainage is blocked or where there are no additional drainage options, the sump pump is usually used as the point of discharge. The sump pump comprises of a pit lined with a high-quality plastic liner at the lowest point of the basement waterproofing system. Water will be drained into the pit and pumped out to prevent any blockage.

Just like with exterior waterproofing, Edmonton Plumbing follows a standard procedure for interior waterproofing. The procedure for interior waterproofing includes the following steps:

  1. A foot wide channel is cut into the concrete floor in the interior perimeter of the basement wall, and the footing is exposed.
  2. Weeping tiles are installed and are connected to the floor drain or sump pump.
  3. A dimpled waterproof membrane is applied to the entire wall from ceiling to the bottom of the channel.
  4. The weeping tiles are covered by clean coarse gravel.
  5. The channel is filled with concrete.
  6. The work area is cleaned up so that the property is returned to its original clean state.

We are happy to serve your needs dealing with Basement & Foundation Waterproofing Services

If you experience humidity, leakage, or foul smells in your basement then your basement probably isn’t waterproofed. Call Edmonton Plumbing now so that we can fix the root of your problem, exterminate it, and get your basement back into tip-top shape!

Edmonton Plumbing utilizes the most advanced technologies to perform interior and exterior waterproofing, and we ensure you that any cracks in the foundation or basement will be completely sealed and your home’s structural integrity will remain intact! Once we fix the problem, the chances of it ever recurring are reduced to zero!


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